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Highly cohesive teams are seriously committed, work harder, are more satisfied by their work, and experience less intra-team conflict. Those are just a few reasons why great teams are fundamental to successful organisations.

Team development is necessary for both high-performing teams and for teams that function less effectively.  At TIO Consulting we develop and deliver tailored assessments and training to help our clients build upon the existing team dynamics; and develop team skills to overcome key challenges and blockages to increased team performance. We work with teams in real-time on real issues, to enable them to achieve optimum performance.

Our process for team development typically includes key elements such as:

  • Briefing with team leader
  • Review and diagnosis of team’s current level of performance
  • Designing team intervention & identifying the ‘So What’
  • Delivery of team development programme
  • Evaluation of team intervention and business results; measuring the ‘So What’

Ongoing support of Team & Team Leader

Team Development Building Blocks

TIO Consulting has core building blocks that enable us to work with developing teams.

Team Purpose:

What does the team do, for whom and why?

Team Vision and Mission:

What are the goals and objectives that this particular team must accomplish? What will this team accomplish that other teams will not?

Right People:

Has your team got the right people in place with the right commitment and competencies for the task in hand? If not, how do we address this?

Team Meetings:

The team needs to agree working practices, meeting protocols and decision-making processes.

Team Values:

What are the agreed team values & corresponding behaviours?

We have developed the 7C Model to assist us in working with teams. We would be delighted to explore your team requirements further with you, with no obligation to proceed @ +353 (0)45 486180.